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Since I am in business to “Create The Home You’ll Love Coming Home To”, the first obligation that I have to my customers, is to stay informed of design trends, and implementing tools that provide results. The first stepping stone in any well thought out design, is selecting the right paint color. Coming up with the right color can be time consuming and stressful, but when done correctly, it can transform any space.

I recently became certified as a color professional, with the Color With No Regrets system. This scientific, patent pending, numbers based program, has given me the ability to reduce a paint deck to a few selections, based on the customers response to hue, saturation, and value.


Once we “zero in” on a couple of selections for your consideration:

You will be provided with 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of your actual color to view in your home.
Once the selection is made, I will send you up to three sets of additional selections that will compliment your choice, and create your perfect palette. This handy palette on a ring binder, will make it super easy to throw in your purse whenever you get the urge to do some shopping! No more carrying fabric or pillows into the store to get the results you are looking for!